Case Study

the Process

The Nitro Tennis Academy story is probably just like yours. One person has a passion and the idea to turn it into a viable business. The ability to earn a living from doing what you love is one of the greatest things about living in Australia.

This is how Daniel got from the idea stage to where he is today.

Coffee & Chat

Sitting down for a coffee (or up of tea) is where all of our business relationships begin. We listened to Daniels story, heard his ideas and dreams for the business he wanted to create.

Brain Storming

Daniel had a great business name but no idea about branding, colour palettes, or anything else he might need to get the business started. We provided options for colours and logos that we thought would align with his vision.

Market Research

Researching the market is key to effective positioning in the market. We analysed and broke down the market in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Daniels competition. This is marketing 101 and something we excel at.

Concept Creation

 We made digital mockups of all the collateral we thought Daniel would need to get his business up and running. Website, Flyers, Banners, A-frames, Business Cards, the works! We even put together a PowerPoint presentation for Daniel to use when pitching for new business.



Here are just a few examples of the marketing collateral we mocked up and finalised designs for during our branding exploration for Nitro Tennis Academy.


Satisfied Clients


Cups Of Coffee

“I didn’t think it was going to be as easy as it was. The website was live within a week, and within 2 weeks we had Flyers, Teardrop Banners, A-Frames and Large Vinyl Banners for courtside advertising. Every time I need something new made up its done within 24 hours. Amazing.” – Daniel Byrnes

A story in BRANDING

Like you, Daniel had passion, experience, and a desire to create an income while doing something he genuinely loves.

Daniel came to us with a great business name (Nitro Tennis) but nothing else. We designed a logo, a website, and all of his marketing collateral to turn his passion into a recognisable brand. When Daniel started having interviews to take on new coaching positions we helped create PowerPoint presentations that aligned with his new branding to make sure he was always ‘on brand’.

Every few months we revisit Daniels goals to see if we can add any new marketing tools to his business tool belt.


Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello!

Every good business relationship starts with a decent coffee and a chat so I can get to know your business needs and you get to laugh at my lame Dad jokes. The first coffee is always on me and comes with no strings attached so say hello today and lets see where it leads us.